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How a Bitcoin faucet works.
The original concept of Bitcoin faucets was to allow users to share their bitcoin with others through an intermediary like faucetbox, microwallet or Xapo.
This lets new users get used to how transactions on the bitcoin network are handled and many faucets have some good information to share.
That being said, faucets have turned into big business! Faucet owners lease ad space on their sites to recoup costs, in fact some companies have turned this into an art form spending barely 50% of their ad revenue to provide Bitcoin to the users.
Bitcoin revenues generated from faucets are used to buy additional mining equipment that pays back into the faucets so we can share more with our users!
The mining accounts that feed our faucets currently are generating roughly .01BTC per day mostly from HashOcean
So, lets look at the pieces of a Bitcoin faucet...
First off, you'll always ses ads on Bitcoin faucets, if you find one interesting, feel free to click, but it is frowned upon for site owns to trick you into clicking ads.
You'll usually see near the top a list showing the amount of bitcoin you can claim from the faucet.
And how often you can get it. This can help you determine which site you want to visit to claim the most bitcoin.
Also some sites require alot more work than others to claim. Take that into account as well.
There are three steps to getting paid on any faucet.
First put in your bitcoin address. If you don't have a wallet yet check out our Getting Started page then come back here.
Step two, solve the captcha.
This is designed to stop hackers with automated scripts from stealing all the faucet funds.
On some sites the captcha doesn't always load right, especially FunCaptcha, just click the speaker button twice, no not doubleclick, click, wait, then click again and it will fix that problem.
Last, to earn more use the link at the bottom to share with your friends and get referal comissions.

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