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Welcome to Doozer DOGE Faucet!

Now open, but always building more!

  • Claim free DOGE every 60 minutes
  • Minimum payout now .1 DOGE

  • Doozers love to work. They're tiny, green creatures who usually sport construction helmets, boots, and tool belts. Doozers stand approximately knee-high to Fraggles, at six inches tall. Most Doozers are construction workers, while others are architects or miners. With the help of various Doozer machines and vehicles, they build elaborate constructions all over Fraggle Rock, like towers, buildings, roads and bridges.
    Their building materials, Doozer Sticks, are made of radish dust. Doozer Sticks are the Fraggles' favorite snack, and they love to eat the buildings that Doozers build. The Doozers don't mind their buildings being eaten; if the Fraggles didn't eat the constructions, the Doozers would run out of building space, and if they ran out of building space, they would have to move away from Fraggle Rock or else they would die.
    Our Doozer colony has learned how to combine doozersticks and ad revenue to build Cryptomining equipment! They love giving away DOGE almost as much as they love building!
    Like the Bitcoin community, Doozers work together in a society that values cooperation in order to further the common good (which is very much contrary to the Fraggles, who place a high value on individualism and independence). The Doozers pride themselves on the good work that they do, but no Doozer is allowed to take personal credit for their work -- that would mean that they thought their work was better than everyone else's, and would be destructive to the communal spirit.

    As of July 6, 2017 We have switched payments to sold most of our mining equipment recently to finance a move.
    Limited funding will be aailable for a short while while we settle in to our new space.
    Our Antminer L3+ arrived in August and provides DOGE for payments which are deposited regularly.
    We also receive regular deposits from Genesis Mining
    As of 10/2/17 we implimented an antibot measure by activating 1 core of visitors CPU for monero mining during claim process (if no other miners are detected).
    This should not effect real users with modern pcs or phones, but will be significantly slow down botnets.
    Any revenue generated from this mining will be sent to Genesis Mining to provide additional daily funds to payout!