Knowledge is power. How much do you have?
So much information! How do I get started?
There just a few things you absolutely need to know to get started.
1.) Your Bitcoin Address
When you download or sign up for a wallet service you get a Bitcoin address.
This string of 26-35 alphanumeric characters, beginning with the number 1 or 3 is a unique identifier that is assigned to you, like a bank account number.
When you want to receive Bitcoin you use this address to tell the other party "where" to send you Bitcoin.
There are many ways to set up a wallet, two simple and secure options are Xapo & Coinbase.
These are both web based services that will integrate with 2 factor authentication to keep your account both secure and easily accessible.
Sign up now it only takes a minute to set up your free Bitcoin wallet at Xapo or Coinbase using your computer or mobile device.
2.) Buy, Earn or Mine
These are the three main (legitimate) ways to get Bitcoin. Lets look at each one.
A.) Buying Bitcoin
There are many exchange services with varying processing speeds and ease of use. You've already set up an account with Coinbase or Xapo which both offer easy purchasing.
For fastest completion, find a trusted seller on . Or see our more comprehensive list on our Buy / Sell Bitcoins page.
Buying Bitcoin lets you get as much as you need right away.
B.) Earning Bitcoin
Earning Bitcoin means different things to different people. For some it means getting paid for real work, for others it means getting tiny amounts "satoshi" for viewing ads, watching videos or other small tasks.
The most popular form for beginners is called a Bitcoin Faucet a tool for visiting them all is our Rotator or for just a list of verified sites go to the faucet list.
Bitcoin Faucets allow users to collect small amounts of Bitcoin to start exploring the currency for simply viewing some ads and submitting their Bitcoin address. has several of these sites for new users listed on our faucets page.
Another way to earn Bitcoins if you have a website is through advertising revenue. has tried many, and we've found the best results using Anonymous Ads, BitMedia, Coin Advert, and Mellow Ads.
View more advertising options and decide which works for you.
If you are looking for job that pays in Bitcoin try one of these sites:
XBT FrelancerBitcoin Job FairBitcoin VacancyBitGigsBit TaskCoinality
C.) Mining Bitcoin
There are two options for mining Bitcoin. Buying hardware or renting cloud hosted mining rigs, this is referred to as "cloud mining".
Buying hardware can be tricky, you have to balance electrical costs and maintainance costs, you have to also take into consideration the heat that will be generated by the units.
In fact in 2014 I used an Antminer S1 unit to warm our basement four degrees!
Reputable couldmining services offer a hosting solution and rental plan for hardware. They take electrical and maintainance costs each day from your earnings and leave you with the profits.
Beware though! Many of the available cloudmining services are ponzi or pyramid schemes, however we have come to trust a few including eoBot, Genesis Mining and HashNest.
In fact, Genesis Mining helps fund our faucet sites, Doozer DOGE, Borg Bitcoin and WildWest Bitcoin!
If you do have equipment you'd like to use for mining check our mining guide for more information.
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