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HundredAkerWood Wonders - Closed for maintainance
This was our first bitcoin faucet. I created it to let people know about the site rotator I'd created. Unfortunately there was little response.
Our costs on that faucet are fixed at roughly 1BTC which was used to purchase cloudmining at HashOcean. Mining payments send revenue to the payout account daily. and ad revenues buy more mining power.
Borg Bitcoin
This was our second faucet. We decided to create a nice theme but still share the same payout account as HundredAkerWood Wonders.
HashOcean is a great cloudmining site that has been around for a very long time, paying daily.
Demonstration Faucet - will be converted to epay soon
Doesn't pay much but shows new users what a faucet is.
WildWest Bitcoin
Wild West bitcoin was born more recently, 10/26/2015 and is funded by our staff donations and ad revenue.
The payouts and claim time we tried to make fit the theme also using 45s as often as possible in the numberings.
Switched from faucetbox to epay Dec 2016, we will be making improvements soon.  
Birthday Bitcioin - will begin accepting new user registrations again soon.
Birthday Bitcoin was launched, 12/07/2015 and is funded by our member donations and cloud mining revenue.
The registration form lets our users share their favorite site link which will be shown on their birthday. The site is also searchable so you can see user birthdays throughout the year.
Closed for renovations Winter 2016, will return with payouts
Doozer DOGE
Doozer DOGE was launched, 09/22/2016 and is funded by our member donations physical SCRYPT miners and cloud mining revenue.
Why add this to our family of faucets... simple Doozers are just fun!
Stargate Bitcoin
My prize pet project is still under development. The animation and design should bring increased awareness of the Bitcoin market to some Stargate fans.
MST3K Faucet
Jeff's addition to the family under development to open spring 2017.
A fun game and free BTC for Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans and newcomers.

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