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Trading Bitcoin / FOREX markets

What is ForEx

Forex Trading is trading currencies from different countries against each other. Forex is acronym of Foreign Exchange.
Cryptocurrencies have brought a whole new level to currency trading with many earning opportunities.
While cryptocurrencies are seperate from Foreign exchanges, and technically different, since not tied to any legal entity or backed by hard assets or government promises, they present the same exchange opportunities and concepts.
A market leading trading platform that also allows margin trading of several currencies. This site also allows users to earn passively by lending funds for margin trading to other users.
With dozens of available trading pairs, this site makes the top of our list.  
A great Bitcoin based trading platform that also allows margin trading. This premium site also allows users to earn passively by lending funds for margin trading to other users.
A great community for ALT coin traders, with many cross market pairs. Good volume for trading and a knowledgable and accessible support staff make this a good site for buying and selling less mainstream coins.  
A lower volume exchange, but great for finding less mainstream coins, or for learning how to trade.
The lower volume lets you see trends at slower speeds to help new traders understand how the markets work.  
While still in beta officially, RAWx is a reincarnation of an exchange from several years ago called MCXNow.
The menagement has changed, but the code that runs the site is very powerful and has great long term potential.
You can even buy revenue shares in the fees generated by the site by purchasing RFX commonly called 'Fee shares'
A premium Bitcoin based forex trading platform that also allows trading of some major stocks and commodities
Once a premium cloud mining operation, they have a large user base and a decent trading platform for a few major currencies plus Bitcoin and Litecoin.
A unique site for trading many virtual curencies including cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and bitcoin, but also other virtual commodities like Linden Dollars and OpenMetaverse Currency.

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