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Other faucets are lowering their payouts or drying up!

What makes us different?

Ad revenues from our faucets are invested in cloud mining contracts.  
With HashOcean and other HYIPs closed, losses on Bitfinex and XAPO deciding to close our account of two years, effectivly destroying our referal network, we've had to invest funds in other sites for paying to you, our loyal users.
We are using Genesis Mining and eoBot for cloudmining; Hash-to-coins and F2Pool for for physical miners for their automatic payouts to keep our faucets from drying up.
Other great sites for investing BTC can be found on our Diversified Investements page. I have used personal funds from trading on Poloniex, YObit and Cryptopia to help ease the transition and hope to reclaim these funds by claiming a small portion of ad revenue for the forseeable future.
Purchases from our and Bitcoin4.us Shop will also help smooth the completion of this transition.
As bitcoin prices rise contract prices get lower and so do maintenance fees (because electricity gets paid in Dollars) our site can grow. Our investment strategy lets us maintain our payouts without so much worry about the costs of buying more bitcoins!
So keep claiming, and visit ads you find interesting and we'll be increasing payouts again soon!
You also help us grow when you visit advertisers.

30 minutes between claims.
15 Satoshi
35 Satoshi
45 Satoshi
90 Satoshi
100 Satoshi
250 Satoshi
Jackpot increased to
1045 Satoshi!
Form a posse
Earn 4.5%
Earn while you surf.

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