Knowledge is power. How much do you have?
Where did come from?

The Team was created by John Torres, a retired financial advisor who was edged out of the field for his beliefs that helping poeple manage their money was more important than padding his own pockets. With the help of some friends, most here in Metro Detroit, some fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts, and many sleepless nights visiting W3schools php tutorials, was born.
Rob Pascoe
Tom Crandall
Jeff Carney

The concept

The idea of our site is simple. Bitcoin is designed to bring bring power of currency back to the people. By takig banks and transaction processors out of the mix we eliminate so many costs and fees. It is an amazing concept that will help "the little guy" save significantly. In theory this will help over time to reduce the ridiculous gap between us and the "one percenters".
By sharing the information with as many people as we can reach, we can help you, and anyone you tell enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin.

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