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Bitcoin mining - getting things going.


CGminer for one device
BFGminer for multiple devices
eoBot has their own software that works with many devices for SHA-256 and SCRYPT
Bitminter has easy to use java based software for Bitcoin only.


The basics: to mine altcons add --scrypt
to autostart asic miners use -S all
your pool info follows -o
to set your username/password -O
so a basic batchfile to start your miners might look like this:
bfgminer.exe --scrypt -S all -o stratum+tcp:// -O platycat.gaw:go
bfgminer.exe -S all -o stratum+tcp:// -O platycat.bfl60:x


Your miners need to stay cool to function optomally. Be sure to consider cooling costs when determinging mining profitability!
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F2Pool A.K.A. Discus Fish, is one of the oldest polls and supports merged namecoin mining with no fees.
BitMinter Is a solid pool with a java based software that makes things easy if you don't mind paying a 1% pool fee the mining pool. A huge pool with 0 fees.
AntPool Bitmain's mining pool has 0 fees and pays out every day.
eoBot offers both a mining pool and a cloudmining option. A great choice for re-investing a portion of your earnings into more hashing power!
Slush's Pool one of the oldest pools, but a 2% fee
know more great pools we should add to the list? let us know!
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