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Cloud mining, a turnkey solution to making bitcoin
Cloud Mining is the process of Bitcoin mining utilizing a remote datacenter with shared processing power often contracted through a Cloud Mining company.
This type of mining allows users to mine Bitcoins without having to manage their own hardware. Since Cloud Mining is provided as a service there is generally some cost, and this can result in lower returns for the miner.
Users must be wary of ponsi schemes and crooked site administrators. Users also need to make their own judgement about how market changes might affect investments.  


Established way back in October 2009, eoBot is is an easy way to cloudmine or use your own hardware to mine any coin.
eoBot is the only reputable site we know that accepts paypal payments. We recommend paypal olny for an initial investment though, when you make paypal purchases as eoBot,
they put a 90 day hold on withdarawals with every paypal purchase. eoBot offers a daily login bonus of 1 DOGE for every member, and they recently added a faucet that adds to your balance in whatever coin you are mining that day!

Genesis Mining

A newer site, but a big player, offering SHA-256, X11 and dagger-hashimoto (Etherium)
Save 2.5% on your first order with code nruQ1T


A mining option for BTC, LTC and Ethereum, and now Zcash very nice looking site.
Run by the makers of GAW/Zues miners along with Haley mining pool, they offer 30day interest to your account balance along with mining, however they do charge a withdraw fee.


Hosted by Bitmain and running their own S7, S9 and L3+ miners, this is a good option, but only for larger investors due to their withdrawal fees.
As of August 2017 USA based users can no longer make deposits.
Newer miners should come online soon.


I honestly have much info about these guys, but they've been around a while now.

Once the greatest cloud hashing site around, now mostly for trading. was a powerhouse that brought at one point nearly 49% of all hash power to the table! Sadly their harware was ineffecient and became unprofitable with the falling Bitcoin prices in 2015.
When they are profitable CEX turns them on, and when they're not, they are off. The minimum for them to go active when profitable is 2ghs, to be able to manually override this setting and get an on/off switch you need 20 ghs or more in your account.
Failed sites of note

A long standing SCRYPT cloud hashing site, our staff have known about it since January 2014 and joined just a few months later. They've had some hiccups, and a security problem that almost put them under in spring 2015 but recovered and continued to be a solid choiceuntil early 2017.


Open from October 2012 to July 2016, this site was our favorite. HashOcean mined SCRYPT which is more profitable now than SHA-256.
The site owners disappeared with roughly 80million dollars.


Opened late 2014, Closed summer 2016, supposedly to reopel in the future.


Worth a test spend from us in January 2016. closed in June 2016.

Hosted by Arvixe

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